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Modafinil: a double-blind multicentric study.

Billiard M, Besset A, Montplaisir J, 
Laffont F, Goldenberg F, Weill JS, Lubin S.

Service de Neurologie B, 
Hopital Gui de Chauliac, Montpellier, France
 Sleep 1994 Dec;17(8 Suppl):S107-12


Modafinil is a central putative alpha-1 postsynaptic agonist with vigilance-promoting properties.  Fifty narcoleptics (33 male and 17 female) participated in a multicentric study aimed at assessing the effects of the compound on night sleep, feeling on awakening, excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy. Modafinil was administered in a double-blind cross-over design at a daily dosage of 300 mg versus placebo. The duration of the study was 12 weeks, including a 2-week "run in" period with placebo, a first 4-week treatment period with either modafinil or placebo, a 2-week wash-out period with placebo and a second 4-week treatment period with either placebo or modafinil. Daily evaluation was based on a sleep log, visual analog scales, a sleep questionnaire and a clinical global index. Sleep laboratory evaluation took place on nights 1, 28, 42 and 70. It included 1 night of polysomnography preceded by a questionnaire on therapeutic and side effects, and a maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT). Sleep logs did not show any modification of night sleep, but a reduction of daytime sleepiness and sleep. Feeling on awakening was not modified. An overall benefit was noted by physicians as well as by patients. MWT disclosed a positive effect of modafinil on excessive daytime sleepiness. Cataplexy was not modified.
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